Trust is undoubtedly one of the key factors that helps buyers decide on who they are going to buy from. Buyers simply wouldn’t risk a purchase from someone who has terrible feedback, even if the cost of the goods is very low! Trust can be built up both online and offline, but here we will consider some of the key methods of gaining that all important customers trust on eBay.

  1. Look after your seller status. Do everything in your power to gain and maintain the coveted eBay Top Rated Seller status. This is your very own badge of approval, and shows potential buyers you have reached a serious level of standards trading on eBay.
  2. Look after that feedback. This is key as potential buyers will actively check what others have commented about you. Make sure you go looking for it too! If necessary, use 3rd party software to automatically request a buyer’s feedback. We reckon about 40% of buyers leave feedback, but strive for more if you can. Of course, make sure you chase positive feedback. If you know a buyer has had a bad experience, make sure you turn their experience around before they leave feedback!
  3. Check your Detailed Seller ratings (DSR’s). These are visible beside your feedback score so buyers will see it. Keep them above 4.8, and make sure you act on anything that is dragging them below. Use eBay’s reporting feature to check these on a regular basis.
  4. Make buyers aware of eBay’s money back guarantee. eBay offers buyers a full money back guarantee if their order is not received, or significantly different than advertised. Don’t be scared of this, instead you can highlight it to buyers to add that bit of extra trust.
  5. Offer easy returns. eBay have an automated returns process that you can opt into. Make sure you use it! Make it easy for your buyers, but more importantly make sure you give them the recommended 30-day period for returning an item.
  6. Use PayPal for payment. It might sound obvious as it’s an eBay owned company, so yes eBay will push it. However, PayPal also have their own buyer protection scheme, so further offering more protection for buyers. The name itself helps gain trust as PayPal are one of, if not thee, biggest payment provider worldwide.

So how do you stack up when it comes to creating trust on eBay for your buyers. Not sure if you have covered all the bases? We can help with a Full eBay Shop Audit. We will review your entire eBay Shop setup and listings, and highlight all your trust signals. We will even provide you with full recommendations on how to improve these.

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