No matter what plat form you sell on, even with your own website, mobile buyers cannot be ignored! An estimated 56% of eBay shoppers are “multi-screen” shoppers, and 69% of all smartphone users have an Amazon app. The problem with eBay however, is that you, the seller, needs to do some work to make your listing mobile friendly. So here is some of our tips:


  1. Include the correct product identifiers and item specifics – eBay will make sure the important details are displayed in the correct place. f you haven’t added the matching items specifics, your listing may be excluded from filtered search results.
  2. Use the eBay listing fields to include your postage, payment and returns information. This is far more effective than trying to clump all that info into your description.
  3. Keep the formatting simplewith a dark font (black works best), size 12-14px, on a white background for easy reading. Use bullet points in items descriptions so information is easy to scan. No need to over complicate the HTML – eBay’s search algorithm won’t like it!
  4. Stay clear of active content, including JavaScript, Flash and form actions. From mid 2017 eBay will block any active content on your listings, so what’s the point!
  5. Use the eBay image uploader. We recommend that you don’t add images to your item descriptions as they might not work well on mobile. eBay allows up to 12 images for FREE, so use them!
  6. Customise your mobile item description If you’re comfortable working with HTML, you can decide which content to use for the description summary by including this HTML tag in your listing:

<div vocab=”” typeof=”Product”><span property=”description”>[your description summary goes here]</span></div>

  1. Use a responsive listing template. They are readily available these days for not a lot of money. Alternatively get in touch with us and we can help.
  2. Checking how your listings look on mobile. Seems obvious, but make sure you check out your listings on the eBay mobile app on your phone.