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With over 10 years experience on eBay, we have the knowledge and expertise on how eBay works. We have tried and tested a vast amount of techniques across various sectors to see how sellers can increase sales on eBay. This wealth of know-how has allowed us to formulate, and fine-tuned, our very own unique eBay Shop Audit. This is a comprehensive online review, conducted on your eBay Shop and listings to establish the good, the bad, and the ugly. We analyse up to 45 individual ‘signals’, provide a full list of recommendations, and formulate a comprehensive list of actions, all based on our report findings. Our aim is simple… we want to help you sell more on eBay.

Our eBay Shop Audit will highlight all the signals that you need to concentrate on to improve your online sales. We will provide you with all the expert help and advice that you need to succeed. We will even formulate an action plan with what we feel you need to do to improve your sales.

What are Signals?

We audit your eBay operation from two perspectives; from your potential customers, and from the eBay search engine. From our extensive research, testing, and eBay’s own commentary, we believe there are various ‘signals’ that contribute to a more positive customer experience, a higher rate of conversion, but ultimately a higher position in search results. We have identified 45 ‘signals’, and apply them to your eBay operation, taking the positives and the negatives, and ultimately come up with a ‘score’ for your eBay efforts.

What is Trust?

We all know your customers need to trust you as a business. Indeed, without that trust it is unlikely your buyers would in fact not be buyers. If you let them down, you simply lose their trust, and their future business! When you sell items on eBay or Amazon, you are practically selling under their brand name. That means that not only do your end buyers need to trust you, but eBay and Amazon need to trust you with their reputation.

As would expect then, both marketplaces will want to see you, as a seller, display evidence of trust with your buyers. This could be from publically available data, such as feedback or product reviews etc. It will also be from internal data metrics, such as response times, delivery metrics etc.

If SellerSofa.com audit your eBay Shop, then we will report extensively on the key signals that contribute towards building and maintaining trust on eBay. In addition to this, we will provide you with recommendations in how to improve your trust ratings, which in turn will help you sell more online.

What is Value?

As online sellers, we are aware of our buyers wish to receive what they perceive to be value for money. Any online marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon, understand buyers on their site want value for their money. As we know that both platforms are effectively giant product search engines, it makes sense that search results are going to favour sellers and products that offer more value to potential buyers. Of course, value can be measured, or judged, on many different factors. This may be free postage, lower prices, easier returns etc.

A full eBay Shop audit will look at all the signals that help create value for your buyers. The review will focus on what eBay considers when deciding where in search results your products appear. As before, we will provide recommendations, and advice, on how to increase your value rating, and subsequently help you to sell more on eBay.

What is Relevancy?

A key factor in deciding where your products appear in search results for any given search term, is how relevant your product is to that search term. That means you must understand what your potential buyer is looking for. As it is the job of eBay and Amazon to match buyers with sellers, you therefore also need to make sure their search algorithm also sees your product as being relevant.

An eBay Shop Audit will look at your listings and review all the signals we feel are critical to ensuring the relevancy of your product listings. This will include basic attributes such as item titles and descriptions. We will go into much more detail though, and as always, we will provide you with full expert advice and help in improving relevancy within your product listings.



  • 10 Signals Analysed
  • Recommendations for each Signal
  • eBay Search Overview


  • 20 Signals Analysed
  • Recommendations for each Signal
  • eBay Search Overview


  • 45 Signals Analysed
  • Recommendations for each Signal
  • eBay Search Overview
  • Task List Action Plan
  • eBay Category Research
  • 1hr Phone Consultation