So you have decided to sell on eBay. Easy, right? Well, selling a few items on eBay may be no big deal, but selling on eBay full time can be a different story. But let’s not worry about that just yet, let’s just get started. So here is a few of the most important things you need to consider when you start to sell on eBay.

Clear out the spare room!

The best place to start! It’s amazing what things you find when you do a clear out. Let’s be honest, you never knew what was in there anyway! So, go through all the products you haven’t used in a while, brand new unboxed goods, and old second hand items. They all sell, and they all have a value.

Open an eBay Shop

Ok, so you don’t have to have an eBay Shop, but it really does open up a few more opportunities. An eBay Shopfront will only set you back about £20 a month, but it could be worth every penny. You get some cool marketing features, reduced insertion fees, and a bit more exposure. It also helps with organising your listings in categories if you have quite a few items to list. So go on, open an eBay Shop when it makes sense.

Calculate all fees and costs BEFORE you list

It’s a no brainer…. What is the point if you make no money. So go through everything, from the time it takes to prepare parcels, the cost of goods and the packaging you need to send it. Do not forget the fees! That’s right, eBay want a slice, PayPal take a chunk, and of course the cost of posting it. They all add up!

Find cheap stuff to sell

Don’t just raid the spare room or the garage! Keep your eyes peeled when out and about. Check out car boot sales, local shops, any big high street sales. Blimey, even search eBay for mis-priced items or listing ending during the night when nobody else is browsing!

Offer excellent customer service

If you expect it, then you need to offer it. Protect your reputation at all costs! What we mean is look after that feedback and DSR’s. They are your reputation! Buyers check these so make sure you offer excellent service in terms of postage, aftersales, and even returns etc. It all counts. Oh, and did we mention the fee discounts for top rated sellers!

Brush up on your photography skills

You know the phrase… “a picture paints a thousand words”. Well, it really does in ecommerce. Buyer buy with their eyes and in most cases, don’t even read the whole title or description. The image is the first thing that they see, so make it stand out. Try to make your images stand out against the rest (your competitors). Make sure they are large (1600px), very clear, on a white background, and no props or text.

Sell something weird!

Just don’t ask us what, but eBay is a mecca for the weird and wonderful. Buyers love finding something different. As before, search high and low and find that exclusive, unique and totally niche product.

Don’t give up!

This doesn’t need any explanation! If it doesn’t work first time, try, try again! Switch products, increase promotions, alter prices, list a different times. It all counts, and it can all make a difference.