It seems like a basic question, but it is one that many people ask. After all, there is a monthly fee involved in running a shop, so why open a shop if you only sell a few items per month.

So, let’s get the main financial consideration out of the way. The basic level eBay Shop, that is the cheapest shop level a buyer can subscribe to, will set you back £25 per month. Now, if you didn’t have a shop you would be paying 30p for each item you list at fixed price. Do the maths… that means you can list up to 83 items before it becomes cost effective to open an eBay Shop.

This might sound daft, but let’s forget about the basic financial cost, and consider some of the non-financial reasons for opening an eBay Shop.


  • Your very own unique URL that you can use in your eBay marketing materials. Print it on flyers, include in in marketing emails, or simply spread the spoken word!
  • Custom shop categories, making it easier for you to organise your Shop and for buyers to find what they’re looking for. Buyers don’t like to think, and the easier they can find your goods, the less chance they will hop onto someone else’s shop.
  • Build a mailing list of eBay buyers directly on eBay. There are strict policies on email marketing to your eBay customers. Don’t risk falling foul of the rules and simply use eBay’s own in-house email marketing platform.
  • eBay Reports. Upgraded within the all new eBay Seller Hub, reporting should be one of your key weekly or monthly tasks. Keep track of impressions, clicks, conversions etc and full understand what is working in your eBay Shop.
  • eBay marketing tools including Promotions Manager, Markdown Manager, Promote your listings. We know buyers love a bargain, so give them something to get excited about – promotions!

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